Planning for a Birthday or Wedding or any events? One of the memorable things in special occasions are the giveaways and souvenir items. Choose from our wide selection that is just right for your budget yet can draw lovely smiles to your guest.

Below is the complete list of our gifts for your selection:

  1. Rolled-Paper Giveaways.
  2. Capiz Shells Giveaway.
  3. Bottle Openers.  
  4. Salt and Pepper Ceramic Shakers.  
  5. Shot Glass Giveaways. 
  6. Go Green Giveaways (Succulents & Lucky Bamboos). 
  7. Gift in a Jar.  
  8. Invitations.  
  9. Soap Gifts. 
  10. Wooden Guest Book DropBox Frame.  
  11. Others (Candle, Metallic Bike, Hand Fan, and etc).

We are still sorting out our products. Please contact us for more info. Thank you